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Enhancing Workplace Staffing

Vector Connective provides high performing staffing and recruitment services to sales organizations worldwide.
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Explore Areas Of Focus

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LPNs and RNs

VC actively engages with qualified nursing professionals through targeted outreach efforts.

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We utilize strategic partnerships and a vast network for top-tier physician recruitment.

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CNAs and Medical Technicians

VC finds skilled candidates through direct engagement and outreach initiatives.

About Us

At Vector Connective we view the staffing world uniquely.

To us, there is no perfect job, nor is there perfect a candidate. To us, there are ideal fits, just like the two lines of a vector which perfectly intersect.


Ideal fits occur when an employee’s skills, personality, and ethics sync with an employer’s culture, values, and needs.


Our sole purpose is to learn more about you so that we can facilitate an ideal “vector fit” in which both candidates and partner companies can mutually benefit from each other.

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Top 10%

Of talent search firms in year over year client growth

How we can help you

The Best Fit On Your Terms

Every applicant has unique needs, and every company has different requirements. With so many factors to consider, it can quickly become a complicated and time-consuming search to find opportunities.

By using Vector Connective’s experience and knowledge, we will help to simplify the staffing/recruitment process so you can focus on your needs, whilst we search the entire market to find you your perfect fit. 

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Medical Recruting proccess
Vector Connective Process

Searching through thousands of openings and resumes can be a long and tiring process taking valuable time away from building your career and growing business. Let Vector Connective handle the heavy lifting.
We work with a variety of clients from almost all industries and skill levels.

Looking For The Best Fit

The best people create the best work, period. We understand that producing excellent work is easiest when employer and employee are compatible.

Let Vector Connective assist in what is one of your most important functions linking talent to opportunity.

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Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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